kill or be killed in a sentence

  1. For Lopez, it's either kill or be killed.
  2. It's kill or be killed, essentially ."
  3. Clearly though, the kill or be killed message was well understood.
  4. The only rule of war is kill or be killed.
  5. It's kind of like a kill or be killed atmosphere.
  6. It's difficult to find kill or be killed in a sentence.
  7. For her, with other dogs, it is kill or be killed.
  8. It's kill or be killed ."
  9. Kill or be killed, and everybody knows it.
  10. But tonight, it is kill or be killed.
  11. It was a case of kill or be killed.
  12. It was'Kill or be killed, "'he said.
  13. Logan knows it's kill or be killed.
  14. They are paid to kill or be killed.
  15. The town has literally become a place of'kill or be killed '.
  16. Now it is kill or be killed.
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