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  1. Anthony discusses the desire to kill oneself that is perceived to be a revelation from God.
  2. Poirot points out that drinking hydrochloric acid is an incredibly painful and bizarre way to kill oneself.
  3. Yet throughout the country, state laws draw a line between the right to passively refuse or deny treatment and the right to actively kill oneself.
  4. The Supreme Court joined most states in drawing a line between the right to passively refuse treatment, which is permitted, and the right to actively kill oneself.
  5. Possible manifestations of emotional dysregulation include angry outbursts or behavior outbursts such as destroying or throwing objects, aggression towards self or others, and threats to kill oneself.
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  7. House asks Wilson to leave the room, saying, " You have lied to the cops enough for me . " House then lays out ways to kill oneself that would keep the heart intact to Gabe.
  8. :: A person may find it less objectionable to admit to having urges to kill oneself than to admit to having urges to kill another person . talk ) 22 : 23, 5 December 2012 ( UTC)
  9. His possible suicide carried an extra jolt for some students, sources say : Okrent had mused to classmates about how to kill oneself with a knife, a remark that could leave other young people wondering if they should have read a sign of despair.
  10. Suicide gesture and suicidal desire ( a vague wish for death without any actual intent to kill oneself ) are potentially self-injurious behaviors that a person may use to attain some other ends, like to seek help, punish others, or to receive attention.
  11. Many forms of existentialist thinking essentially begin with the premise that life is objectively meaningless, and proceed to the question of why one should not just kill oneself; they then answer this question by suggesting that the individual has the power to give personal meaning to life.
  12. Martin Haspelmath also has a useful distinction between the reflexive types mentioned below, which he calls introverted reflexives, and so called extroverted reflexives, which are used for verbs that are usually not reflexive, like hate oneself, love oneself, hear oneself, and kill oneself.
  13. The episode's script indicates it is wrong for someone wishing to kill oneself to place the burden of that decision on a loved one : in this case, Grandpa Marvin demanding that Stan kill him, without considering how traumatizing an experience it would be for Stan.
  14. The controversy arose not only from the intense debate over whether one should have a right to kill oneself, and whether anyone, especially medical professionals, can ethically assist self-chosen euthanasia, but also because the information in the book can be used by anyone, not just the terminally ill.
  15. So really, while it is possible to kill oneself by drinking too much water or too much soda ( too much of anything will kill you, doncha know . . ), it's not all that easy, as the kidneys are always fine tuning the blood to keep it in the " sweet spot ".
  16. "I used to be skeptical about this, " said Phillips, " but now I think that a significant proportion of the attempts are impulsive, where the intent is not to kill oneself or there is no clear motive at all _ it's more of an expression of frustration rather than a desire to die ."
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