kill on sight in a sentence

  1. But it belongs to a men's secret society and is credited with the ability to kill on sight . ( Along with other similarly hazardous objects, it is kept in a separate gallery in the show .)
  2. Nevertheless, as the 4000 Series service mechanoid Kryten ( Robert Llewellyn ) explains, the Kinitawowi were one of the friendlier tribes of humanoid GELFs and that they didn't always kill on sight as other humanoid GELFs apparently do.
  3. When my brothers were leaving Arizona they got dispatches from Tucson saying that Stilwell and a party of friends were watching all the railroad trains passing that way, and they were going through them in search of all Earps and their friends, carrying shotguns under their overcoats and promising to kill on sight.
  4. Anyway, the reason for admin-only was that I wanted it to be a form of expanding Speedy without the arbitrariness of " kill on sight " that ought to be really horking off inclusionists ( if people only knew what they " weren't " seeing on VfD ).
  5. Due to the terrible damage which even a single Arcturian spy can cause, the President authorizes all law-enforcement officials-and even private citizens-to shoot and kill on sight anyone remotely suspected of being such a spy ( essentially, a human being whose body was taken over by an Arcturian ).
  6. It's difficult to find kill on sight in a sentence.
  7. After killing the Tenth Diary user Karyuudo ( making him the only Diary user aside from Yuki or Yuno to kill another contestant in the Survival game ), he frames Yuki and Yuno for trying to kill him and has the police go on a manhunt for them with orders to shoot to kill on sight.

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