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  1. They overpopulate and kill off the perch, sunfish, catfish and everything else.
  2. Phelps then decided to kill off either Frankie Frame or Paulina Carlino.
  3. Late in the tournament, Andy tried to kill off Geese by himself.
  4. Anglers initially welcomed the development, hoping cheap salmon would kill off poaching.
  5. The Leafs then had to kill off a penalty assessed to Sundin.
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  7. Q : Why do major-league owners want to kill off two teams?
  8. China's desire for modernization and westernization helped kill off interest in them.
  9. Naturally if you kill off amillion and a half people a year,
  10. Jennifer hopes to kill off her family as an act of revenge.
  11. Why would " The Practice " kill off its most interesting character?
  12. To stop new ones, you need to kill off all the spiders.
  13. Blish wanted to kill off the popular Spock character to surprise readers.
  14. In fact, it was plainly hoping to kill off its weaker rival.
  15. Ferrets were also beginning to kill off remaining pockets of kiwi in Northland.
  16. The Predators were preoccupied having to kill off three power plays.
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