kill myself in a sentence

  1. I did try twice to kill myself and I was unsuccessful.
  2. "I can't kill myself, Mother said,
  3. I do not have to kill myself to play this music.
  4. I wanted to kill myself; just to get it over.
  5. I'll probably kill myself putting my kids through college.
  6. It's difficult to find kill myself in a sentence.
  7. They hurt me so much that I wanted to kill myself,
  8. I'll kill myself if Alan becomes president ."
  9. And if and when it does, I will kill myself.
  10. I will be forced to reveal my identity and kill myself.
  11. "I wasn't trying to kill myself,"
  12. "I'm not going to kill myself over it.
  13. But I'm not gonna kill myself over this.
  14. But I am not going to kill myself tonight thinking about it.
  15. "Now I'm going to kill myself ."
  16. I'm not going to kill myself this time.
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