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  1. The movie is infamous for its not-so-subtle " kill lines ".
  2. Outlets at the sides of the BOP housing ( body ) are used for connection to choke and kill lines or valves.
  3. When a bullheading ", forcibly pumping, in the heavier mud from the top through the kill line connection at the base of the stack.
  4. Some designs replace the kill line with a fixed length of shock cord, which stretches when the pilot chute is moving quickly, allowing it to inflate.
  5. Only the hand-deployed pilot chute may be collapsed automatically after deployment by a kill line reducing the in-flight drag of the pilot chute on the main canopy.
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  7. For example, in the Multics, the " @ " sign meant " kill line " and anything before the " @ " sign was ignored, so Multics users had to use a command-line option to specify the destination system.
  8. These kill lines are lines said by actors right before they are killed, essentially telling the viewer how they will be killed; e . g . right before getting one's head sliced open, one would say : " Argh, I have a splitting headache ! " The film is one of many Sci-Fi originals that focuses on being trapped in a confined area while being hunted by mutated species.

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