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  1. The weird thing is that nobody is asking gentamicin to kill germs.
  2. For centuries, silver has been known for its power to kill germs.
  3. The solutions are intended only to kill germs, not remove visible dirt.
  4. White blood cells called " neutrophils " use oxygen to kill germs.
  5. It was strong enough to kill germs, but mild enough for everyday use.
  6. It's difficult to find kill germs in a sentence.
  7. For prevention, the Postal Service is considering irradiating the mail to kill germs.
  8. Lactoferrin is an iron-rich protein that kills germs and stops or prevents infections.
  9. I think they were supposed to kill germs missed by Bob the custodian.
  10. Still debatable is whether the strips kill germs the way the mouthwash does.
  11. She always uses ultra-clean buckets that have been washed with bleach to kill germs.
  12. And anything carbonated-- soda pop, beer, even wine-- is safe, because carbonation kills germs.
  13. It is promoted with the slogan " Kills germs that cause bad breath ".
  14. To really kill germs, the water has to be hot enough to burn your hands.
  15. Last fall, the CDC said health workers should use fast-drying alcohol gels to kill germs.
  16. Is it right to kill germs in order to save the life of a human?
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