kill game in a sentence

  1. Kill games can in such cases encourage looser play as well.
  2. He advocates that hunters kill game in the most humane and fair way they can.
  3. During the Reign of King Edward III, allowing him to kill game in his manor.
  4. Second, Akaitcho did not receive ammunition supplies at Fort Providence, something he needed in order to kill game.
  5. Thanks to its prowess at hunting, the cheetah was tamed and used to kill game at hunts in the past.
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  7. It is often conducted to kill game or vermin, mainly for food, and occasionally as a form of gambling.
  8. It appears that the hunting ritual originated when villagers would kill game that would come in search of the grains stored in the fields.
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  10. "But you don't need an AK47 to kill game and you don't need an Uzi to defend yourself ."
  11. Informal coursing can be a form of hunting, conducted to kill game or vermin, either for food, pest control or as a pastime.
  12. He commented that he would have preferred if the games weren't one-hit-kill games, saying that it hampers their replay values.
  13. The cranes died from eating grain laced with pesticide, apparently spread by farm laborers seeking to kill game for food, said Sue Adams, manager of the South African Crane Working Group.
  14. This caused a change in the social structure of the Aka : net hunting was seen as less physically challenging than using spears to kill game, and so women were encouraged take part in hunting activities.
  15. Kill games among a table of more experienced players also create a heightened thrill of risk; a player is on a winning streak, or a big pot has just been won, and the next pot is likely to be bigger.
  16. A kill game of $ 20 / $ 40, therefore, might have double kill limits of $ 60 / $ 120 or $ 80 / $ 160; double-kill pots for this reason can become quite large compared to normal pots.
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