kill for you in a sentence

  1. I'll kill for you.
  2. He is also the narrator of the Investigation Discovery television series " I'd Kill for You ".
  3. On September 22, Grey streamed " Kill For You ", one of the songs from the album that features Eminem, on " Rolling Stone ".
  4. In Baki's early life, he was a football hooligan and a senior member of the notorious football firm associated with Fenerbah鏴 called'Kill For You '.
  5. The front cover of his germ warfare manual contains this introduction : " Why pay to recruit troops and build factories to wage war and kill for you when nature can do it for free?
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  7. Frank was profiled in an episode of " Deadly Women " in 2009, " Snapped : Killer Couples " in 2015, and I'd Kill For You in 2016.
  8. The film includes several famous details from Liddy's 1980 autobiography including the legendary " hand held over the burning flame, " and Liddy's oath, " I will kill for you, Mr . President ."
  9. Fenerbah鏴 SK have a number of supporters organisations, including Gen?Fenerbah鏴liler ( GFB ), Kill For You ( KFY ), UniFeb ( Fenerbah鏴 Supporters of University Students ), Group CK ( Cefak鈘 Kanaryalar ), Vamos Bien, Antu / Fenerlist, EuroFeb, Boaz Hooligans ( Bosphorus Hooligans ), Anglofeb / FENatics, and SUADFEB.

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