kill for thrills in a sentence

  1. That sense is dead when people kill for thrill, whether in make-believe or in reality.
  2. Then his friend of twenty years, Gilby Clarke ( Candy, Kills For Thrills, Guns n'Roses ), asked him to join his solo project.
  3. During Carter's presidency, crime continued to be a concern with the " kill for thrill murders " of 1979, when two men killed four people over eight days in Western Pennsylvania.
  4. Vincent's session work included backing vocals for The Ventures ( The Ventures Play Southern All Stars ), Kill For Thrills, The Runaways ( reformed version ), The Rubinoos, and many more.
  5. The following September, Guns N'Roses released the long-awaited albums " Use Your Illusion I " and " Use Your Illusion II ", which debuted at No . 2 and No . 1, respectively, on the Candy and Kill for Thrills.
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  7. Browde later produced a series of commercially unsuccessful albums, including the Dogs D'Amour's Straight, Finland's junkie / guitar hero Andy McCoy, LA Glamsters, Jetboy, English girl group No Shame, and Los Angeles bands Flies on Fire and Kill For Thrills.

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