kill for pleasure in a sentence

  1. Animals don't kill for pleasure ."
  2. We are forbidden to use guns or kill for pleasure, only for food.
  3. It twists living things into warpspawn and plague beasts, insane monsters who kill for pleasure.
  4. The point about minks is that they are constantly being described as sadists who kill for pleasure,
  5. Probably not, my friend says and reminds me these creatures don't kill for pleasure.
  6. It's difficult to find kill for pleasure in a sentence.
  7. They fight and Hercules knocks him unconscious and tells Maxius " I don t kill for pleasure!
  8. It makes one think that we are only talking about gang members or street toughs who kill for pleasure.
  9. From Niran's bloodline have come many " jai tham " ( vampires who drink human blood and kill for pleasure ).
  10. "Foxes kill for pleasure, " said Robin Page, a conservationist who figured in an advocacy film that Mrs . Mortimer made for the BBC.
  11. Rather, they are reduced to heinous villains, which subverts Burroughs'central premise : Animals are actually civilized, while humans are the most dangerous beings _ the only creatures who kill for pleasure.
  12. Article 80 ( 4 ) of the Penal Code, based on " Crime against individuals " states that life imprisonment shall be imposed to anyone who kills for pleasure, greed and hatred based on racial, religious reasons, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

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