kill for peace in a sentence

  1. Are you truly willing to fight and to kill for peace in Africa and if needed to die for it?
  2. It bore signs that read " Bomb and kill for peace and prosperity " and " Self-determination for Iraq ."
  3. In 2007 the duo released their debut EP . The EP was supported by a videoclip for  Kill For Peace ( And Peace Will Die ) .
  4. Beat generation poets Ed Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg were right when, as vocalists with The Fugs, sang their satirical anthem " Kill for Peace ."
  5. He was one of the band's singers and wrote many of their songs such as " Morning, Morning, " " Kill for Peace, " " CIA Man, " " Supergirl, " " Carpe Diem, " and he set to music Matthew Arnold's pacifist wedding hymn " Dover Beach . " He also released two solo albums : " No Deposit, No Return " on ESP-Disk in 1966, which is a collection of found pop poetry, and " Tuli & Friends " on Shimmy Disc in 1989.
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