kill fee in a sentence

  1. How big are Ms . Brown's legendary writer salaries and kill fees?
  2. Just send me my kill fee.
  3. NBC settled its contract with Hersh, paying him a kill fee of $ 400, 000.
  4. The studio received only a small " kill fee " for their work on " North Carolina ".
  5. When Cooper departed " Penthouse ", the project was canceled and Steranko was paid a kill fee.
  6. It's difficult to find kill fee in a sentence.
  7. Originally contracted at $ 150 per commentary, NPR gave Abu-Jamal a " kill fee " of $ 75 each instead.
  8. It gets a $ 100 million consolation prize, the kill fee that it had negotiated with Diamond Fields earlier when its bid was tentatively accepted.
  9. Nonetheless, no one wanted to spend the $ 40, 000, essentially to keep him away from the Capitals _ what would have amounted to paying a kill fee.
  10. ""'Murder C . O . D . " "'is a 1990 American television film directed by Alan Metzger starring Patrick Duffy and William Devane based on the Barbara Paul novel " Kill Fee ".
  11. If the Avalanche don't want him back after paying him $ 5.5 million next season, they'll essentially have to pay a kill fee for'01-02, not unlike the $ 2 million the Canucks will have to give Messier for negating the final two years of his deal, worth $ 12 million . ..

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