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  1. Shukenja are clerics who become penalized if they kill enemies too freely.
  2. For all game modes, the basic objective is to kill enemy players.
  3. Soldiers will still crawl through mud, pull triggers and kill enemies.
  4. Ion is an Atlas-class Titan that can kill enemies using its directed-energy arsenal.
  5. Weapons and scoring are based on how the Predator kills enemies.
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  7. In Team Deathmatch the goal is to kill enemy players as fast as possible.
  8. It controls like your standard platform game : run, jump, crouch, and kill enemies.
  9. Harris maintained a Web page on the Internet referring to plans to kill enemies.
  10. The player kills enemies by firing daggers from their fingers.
  11. "Metro 2033 " is played from a stealth to evade or silently kill enemies.
  12. As a character kills enemies, this meter starts to fill.
  13. It is meant to incapacitate or kill enemy combatants.
  14. In the manga Sailor Chibi Moon's powers are significant, able to destroy and kill enemies.
  15. By using their favored weapon, a meter will begin to fill up as they kill enemies.
  16. In Commandos 3, the thief is given the ability to silently kill enemies using piano wire.
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