kill em with kindness in a sentence

  1. The release was succeeded by third single " Kill Em With Kindness " in January 2016.
  2. There is a song on my record called  Kill Em with Kindness .  So I ve always done that.
  3. New entries included Olly Murs  " Kill Em With Kindness " at numbers 23, 28, 30 and 35.
  4. In March 2016, Gomez confirmed " Kill Em with Kindness " as the fourth and final single from " Revival ".
  5. She performs'Kill Em With Kindness'and leaves, re-entering immediately to perform'I Want You To Know '.
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  7. Lyrically, " Kill Em with Kindness " gives advice for dealing with critics, with a positive message of being kind to mean people.
  8. I have  Rise,   Survivors,   Revival,   Kill Em With Kindness .  My stuff is full on, it s an album, it s a piece, it s something that I m proud of . 
  9. ""'Kill Em with Kindness "'" is a song by American singer Selena Gomez from her second studio album " dance song with a tropical house breeze, having an airy synth, added bells and a whistle hook.
  10. Gomez also made a set during the " Jingle Ball Tour 2015 ", where she performed " Same Old Love ", " Good for You ", " Love You Like a Love Song, " " Hands to Myself " and, for the first time, " Kill Em with Kindness ".
  11. "Kill Em with Kindness " is described as a dance, club-banger and " added bells and whistles " . disco, On the other hand, " Rise " contains a gospel chorus, whooping and a spoken-word prayer . " Perfect " has a " dreamy, harp-smattered production, " and " Cologne " has a " mellow, midtempo " vibe.
  12. However, in an interview for 97.5 Now FM, she revealed that " Kill Em with Kindness " was going to be released as the album's fourth and final single, claiming : "  Kill Em with Kindness is lyrically my favorite song I put on the record and I definitely can t wait to be able for that to have a story . " It was serviced to contemporary hit radio on May 3, 2016.

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