kill em all in a sentence

  1. Albums that very much reflected this era and inspiration include " Kill Em All " and " Bonded By Blood ".
  2. Four of the 16 students charged with felonies made bomb threats, one threatened to shoot everyone at his school, and another wrote, " Kill em all, " on a piece of paper.
  3. Cache is empty-refresh is done, but i always see HAHA NO MORE NAZIS KILL EM ALL although there is a newer edit . confused . . .-- talk ) 12 : 31, 26 March 2008 ( UTC)
  4. During his time in Metallica, Mustaine toured with the band, co-wrote four songs that appeared on " Kill Em All, " and co-wrote two songs that would eventually appear on " Ride the Lightning ".
  5. Is it acceptable to wear a T-shirt of an American flag that says " United We Stand " but not acceptable to wear one that says " Kill Em All And Let Allah Sort Em Out ?, " a shirt offered for sale on the Internet.
  6. It's difficult to find kill em all in a sentence.
  7. *Kind of nitpicking, I know, but I think that the first sentence in the body should be perhaps toned back a bit ( re : Kill Em All laying thrash foundations, other bands could arguable make that claim ( i . e . Motorhead ) ), but it is sourced, so I don't see reason to remove it.

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