kill eagle in a sentence

  1. Under special circumstances, Indians can get permits to kill eagles.
  2. The remainder of Kill Eagle's band remained at Standing Rock under the leadership of Red Hawk.
  3. By 1866, Kill Eagle had assumed his father's role as leader of the Wazhazha band ( Sihasapa ).
  4. Isabella kills Eagle, Flamekhan's son and Hawk's friend, framing Hawk for his death and forcing him to flee.
  5. He said it is illegal to kill eagles, but none of the existing federal laws except the Endangered Species Act protect areas around nests.
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  7. In November, Sihasapa warriors including the prominent leader Kill Eagle went to the Oglala camp, but the Oglala resisted the idea of giving Fanny up.
  8. He had three granddaughters; Iron Cradle ( aka Sweet Grass ), Turtle Door, Small Earth and two grandsons; Black Bull, and Kill Eagle.
  9. Concerned that rations were not sufficient to feed his people, Kill Eagle illegally departed Standing Rock in May 1876 with approximately 26 lodges, heading out on a buffalo hunt.
  10. In the controversial search of the Bergers'Montana ranch, officers found the poison Furadan, which Paul Berger put on sheep carcasses in an attempt to kill eagles and other predators on his ranch.
  11. While this policy was intended to limit access to ammunition for the non-treaty ( " hostile " ) bands such as that of Sitting Bull, it also impacted friendly bands on the reservation such as that of Kill Eagle.

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