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  1. The new Titanic Games version of " Kill Doctor Lucky " makes two changes to the original rules.
  2. A player may attempt to kill Doctor Lucky by playing a weapon card ( such as a runcible spoon, a Poe's " The Cask of Amontillado " ).
  3. Other Paizo products include the " Titanic Games " line of boardgames such as " Kill Doctor Lucky ", and the " Planet Stories " line of classic fantasy, science fiction and science fantasy novels.
  4. He has had success with Kickstarter, successfully crowdfunding games like a new version of " Unexploded Cow " and " Get Lucky " ( which takes the concept and core mechanics of " Kill Doctor Lucky " and adapts it as a card game ), among others.
  5. Ernest's games include " Unexploded Cow ", " Kill Doctor Lucky ", " The Big Idea " and the game originally known as " Before I Kill You, Mr . Bond " ( that game was eventually renamed after complaints from the owners of the Bond franchise ).
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  7. Both games are set in a sprawling mansion full of colorfully named rooms, feature a variety of dangerous weapons, and deal with the murder of the mansion's owner . " Cluedo " begins after the murder has been committed, and players compete to solve it; " Kill Doctor Lucky " ends with the murder, and players compete to commit it.

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