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  1. And that was a key breakthrough on enjoying our trip : Just relax.
  2. But it took researchers until 1996 to make a key breakthrough.
  3. The LRA almost always attacked at night so this was a key breakthrough.
  4. The Croatian offensive, in hindsight, seems to have been the summer's key breakthrough.
  5. They key breakthrough was that this new methodology allowed for the detection of these overlaps.
  6. It's difficult to find key breakthrough in a sentence.
  7. This type of energy generator is regarded as a key breakthrough in boosting wind power generating capacity.
  8. A key breakthrough occurred shortly after he returned home from the hospital after the accident in 1997.
  9. Corey Collymore provided the key breakthrough with the wicket of Nevin ( 20 ), plumb leg before wicket.
  10. Many agree that Cobbing's analysis offered several key breakthroughs and insights into the nature of early Zulu society.
  11. Left-arm spinner Adams got the key breakthrough, luring Butcher into scooping a return catch as he played to leg.
  12. A key breakthrough in the talks came Monday, when GM agreed to keep open through September 2002 its Ste.
  13. In 1964, Ford Research Labs made a key breakthrough with the invention of a superconducting quantum interference device or SQUID.
  14. Actually, Milosevic had provided a key breakthrough that had allowed the U . S . negotiators to do their work.
  15. Earlier Monday, police made a key breakthrough in arresting Yoshihiro Inoue, a top sect official suspected of personally supervising the subway attack.
  16. Rampaul made the key breakthrough to end their association, and the rest of the middle and lower order could make no impact.
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