key brand entertainment in a sentence

  1. Key Brand Entertainment is a private investment company owned by British theater producer Tom McGrath.
  2. Live Nation sold most of its theatrical properties, including its Minneapolis operations, to Key Brand Entertainment in 2008.
  3. In 2008, Live Nation sold most of its theatrical division, including the Charles Playhouse, to Key Brand Entertainment.
  4. The company, along with its parent Broadway Across America was acquired by Key Brand Entertainment from Live Nation in January 2008.
  5. Key Brand Entertainment is owned and controlled by British theatre producer John Gore and led by entertainment industry veteran Thomas B . McGrath.
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  7. In 2008, Key Brand Entertainment purchased most of Live Nation's theatrical assets, including its lease on the Colonial Theatre.
  8. On January 24, 2008, Key Brand Entertainment announced that it has acquired all of Live Nation's North American theatrical assets.
  9. Key Brand Entertainment was formed in 2004 and has been an active investor in theatre and theatre related businesses prior to the BAA acquisition.
  10. In January, 2008, Live Nation sold its North American theatrical business ( including the Broadway Across America business ) to Key Brand Entertainment for $ 90.4 million.
  11. In March 2008 Mirvish announced the acquisition of the Panasonic and Canon Theatres in Toronto from Key Brand Entertainment, which had itself purchased the theatres from Live Nation in February 2008.

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