key box in a sentence

"key box" in Chinese  
  1. Access to the cars is either via key boxes or directly via computers in the cars.
  2. *Readers who can't see the colors might find a key box with a special symbol to be helpful.
  3. As we prepared to leave, the Sullivan's valets got our keys mixed up with the others in the key box.
  4. Around the park, visitors can insert these keys into Zoo Key boxes for a song and / or information about the animal.
  5. The key box could replace the explanatory line, " Ongoing series are highlighted in light green . " Here's how the box might look:
  6. It's difficult to find key box in a sentence.
  7. Highlight yours, then click your cursor into Press New Shortcut Key box and press the curiously unassigned Alt-D . Click the Assign button, back your way out of all those boxes and test your hot-key.
  8. His jaunt began at 4 : 45 a . m . on Thursday, the police said, when Ronald LeBow found a 5-foot-11-inch, bare-chested, olive-skinned 33-year-old wearing a skirt rummaging through the key box on his 41-foot-boat docked at the Pines.
  9. However, since " Angadi Theru ", Mahesh has only been seen in low budget films with his immediate release " Konjam Siripu Konjam Kobam " ( 2011 ) taking a low key box office opening to poor reviews, while " Yaasagan " met with a similar fate.
  10. Jack is enraged by this punishment, since he will now be working for his father, but still manages to make some interesting discoveries : he finds a picture of his dad, another janitor, and two other men during their time in the army, and finds the key box for the building.

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