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  1. Among those in support were key board members Russia and China, they said.
  2. Frierson added eight and grabbed several key boards down the stretch.
  3. "Karic is a key board member of Serbia Inc . " the official said.
  4. He has also been a key board member at the Seattle Art Museum and Seattle Symphony.
  5. Key board members have opposed privatization, saying the airlines'business had improved under its many reform plans.
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  7. Der Spiegel news magazine reported this week that Schrempp had sewn up support among key board members.
  8. His son was Vijay Manuel who played the Key Board for Ilayaraja, Film Music Composer and Director.
  9. Key board members resigned in 2000.
  10. With the transaction, Anheuser-Busch will have representation on the Tsingtao board, supervisory board and key board committees, Anheuser-Busch officials said.
  11. Conflicting sets of minutes from two key board meetings surfaced and the longtime corporate secretary who kept one version was replaced.
  12. With LMS these problems are solved with everything now digital and available with just a few strokes on a key board.
  13. But he said he will hold an emergency telephone conference with key board members, staff and the board's lawyer to discuss improvements.
  14. The 57-year-old German native lost his job Sunday because, key board members said, the company had not been executing well on its strategies.
  15. My cat often walks across my computer key board and corrects my coding errors but I put that down to rare chance occurrences.
  16. He was seen as a key board ally of Messier and a counterweight to U . S . directors with qualm's about Messier's leadership.
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