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  1. Pierce had a key block of Stockton in the final seconds.
  2. Hartley disrupted many French attacks and he made several key blocks.
  3. I just got some key blocks from some receivers that just sprung me.
  4. Ekuban had the key block on Emmitt Smith's first-quarter touchdown run.
  5. Smith turned and, with a key block from Carter, raced for the touchdown.
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  7. But the two parties face opposition from another key block of anti-government parties.
  8. Broncos quarterback John Elway made the key block on Cowboys defensive end Charles Haley.
  9. He made a couple of key blocks in that \ RWyoming \ S game.
  10. On both of Robert Quiroga's kickoff returns for touchdowns, Lindstrom had a key block.
  11. On back-to-back running plays Walker threw a key block, helping set up a touchdown.
  12. Guard Nate Newton and center Mike Kiselak missed key blocks.
  13. Smith turned and raced for the touchdown, with a key block coming from Carter.
  14. Oh, he also threw a key block to spring Brady for a rushing touchdown.
  15. "We got the key block, " Coughlin said . " Everybody was at linebacker depth.
  16. We missed a key block or we walk in.
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