key blank in a sentence

  1. Some key blank manufacturers strictly restrict the sale of their own blanks.
  2. The skeleton key blanks must have the correct central shaft size to fit the lock.
  3. A "'key blank "'( sometimes spelled keyblank ) is a locksmiths for duplicating keys.
  4. Meanwhile, companies like Hurd and Briggs and Stratton were making OEM key blanks with automaker's logos on them.
  5. Jet Hardware, the second largest manufacturer of key blanks in the United States, started producing the keys in February 2001.
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  7. "The report will certainly offer a great deal of detail and fill in some key blanks, " she said.
  8. Instead of settling for plain-old brass or dull stainless steel keys, you can now beautify your key ring with designer key blanks.
  9. Key duplication is available in many retail hardware stores and as a service of the specialized locksmith, though the correct key blank may not be available.
  10. Keys may also be made in this fashion without an original as long as the depth of each notch and the type of key blank are known.
  11. These key blanks were the same as the original keys issued by the automaker and allowed an enthusiast to maintain the stock look of his or her keys.
  12. While the correct key blanks cannot be obtained legally without permission or registration with relevant locksmith associations, regular keys can be filed down to act as bump keys.
  13. There is no law against duplicating the reverse, numbered or quad-key blanks, which are not patented and are not protected against third-party manufacturing.
  14. Jet employees are not allowed to divulge how the key blanks are transformed into funky designs that don't scratch off even after suffering daily abuse at the hands of their owners.
  15. Although the company will not release the sales figures charting groovy's recent rise to fame, they did confirm sales of the fashionable key blanks have steadily increased over the last year.
  16. At its sale ( to Kaba Group ), the company had over $ 800 million in sales annually and was the largest maker of key blanks and key copying machines in the world.
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