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  1. Key bits of information are earnings reports, merger updates and trading orders.
  2. Keying option 3 is equivalent to DES, with only 56 key bits.
  3. Initially, the 128 key bits are loaded into a shift register.
  4. Keying option 2 provides less security, with 2 ?56 = 112 key bits.
  5. That's not the whole movie, fortunately, but just a key bit near the front.
  6. It's difficult to find key bit in a sentence.
  7. Lin encouraged Krosoczka, and offered a key bit of advice.
  8. And a key bit of information you need to have is where people lived.
  9. It was a key bit of scheduling, more important than reserving the motel rooms, even.
  10. Just as he was about to reveal a key bit of information, the line went dead.
  11. The new sections provide more information on'Macmillan nurses'and'Fundraising'- both key bits of information about the charity.
  12. Lawmakers have yet to finish debate on other key bits of legislation, including a bill to regulatiations bill.
  13. A key bit of evidence _ the file on arrested cartel bookkeeper Guillermo Palomari _ was reported missing.
  14. Paul's hard drive is mysteriously hacked, but key bits of information concerning the Gaia Project manage to be salvaged.
  15. There are a few key bits of information that have not yet been mentioned which I would like to share.
  16. This attack makes use of the new concept of probabilistic neutral key bits for probabilistic detection of a truncated differential.
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