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  1. Williams has had an outstanding year, winning at Key Biscayne and Scottsdale.
  2. Nixon visited Key Biscayne more than 50 times between 1969 and 1973.
  3. Sampras has 19 victories in his past 20 matches at Key Biscayne.
  4. Ljubicic was the first lucky loser to reach the Key Biscayne quarterfinals.
  5. Their next chance to face each other will be in Key Biscayne.
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  7. Agassi also successfully defended his singles titles in Cincinnati and Key Biscayne.
  8. Ivanisevic's only victory since 1993 came in Key Biscayne earlier this year.
  9. Bacardi Cup races continue through Friday on the waters of Key Biscayne.
  10. Inside, customers have been discussing the fate of the Key Biscayne migrants.
  11. Williams is scheduled to end her eight-month layoff at Key Biscayne.
  12. But remember Key Biscayne ( Fla . ) two years ago?
  13. Williams extended her winning streak on Key Biscayne to 17 matches.
  14. Capriati has been the Key Biscayne runner-up the past two years.
  15. Godsick and Fernandez have homes in Key Biscayne, Florida, and Cleveland.
  16. A military post was established on Key Biscayne in March 1838.
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