key biodiversity areas in a sentence

  1. It is a key biodiversity area of the Sierra Madre Biodiversity Corridor.
  2. The park is a component of the Northeastern Cagayan Key Biodiversity Area and also contains the Lal-lo and Gattaran Shell Middens, a proposed World Heritage Site.
  3. She stood up to the challenge to gather 7 million signatures to say in one loud voice that key biodiversity areas must be protected and not be ravaged by mining.
  4. The movement has already gathered more than seven million signatures to halt mining in Palawan and other key biodiversity areas in the country, critical watersheds, agricultural areas, tourism sites and island ecosystems, among others.
  5. Few of the many notable certificates that were stripped were those for mining companies doing operations in Semirara Island ( a key biodiversity area ) in Antique, Eastern Samar, Surigao del Sur which is home to indigenous Lumad communities, and Cordillera Administrative Region which the melting pot of northern Luzon indigenous people.
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  7. "' The Key Biodiversity Areas ( KBA ) Program "'was initiated by Nature Iraq in partnership with the Iraqi Ministry of Environment and BirdLife International and other international advisory groups and included extensive field survey work from 2004 to 2010 to identify areas of the country that are globally important for their biological diversity.
  8. At Bladen forms a significant portion of the Key Biodiversity Area of the Maya Mountains Massif which was identified as one of the most important blocks of protected areas within Belize and more broadly, Mesoamerica, itself a region considered a world  hotspot for species diversity and considered critical for the preservation of the biodiversity of the Western Hemisphere.
  9. As a key biodiversity area, the park is home to several other threatened and restricted-range birds such as the flame-breasted fruit dove, spotted imperial pigeon, Isabela oriole, green racquet-tail, Philippine eagle-owl, whiskered pitta, Philippine duck, celestial monarch, Luzon water-redstart, ashy-breasted flycatcher, and green-faced parrotfinch.

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