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  1. Users can open new buffers and navigate through them using key bindings.
  2. It also allows the user to map or customise its key bindings.
  3. It supports tabs, customizable key bindings, colors, and window sizes.
  4. The motivations for customizing key bindings vary.
  5. Finally, optimal and tolerated bases at the key binding-site positions are generated.
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  7. Hardcore gamers often customize their key bindings in order to increase performance via faster reaction times.
  8. Standard Emacs key bindings are used to navigate, edit the playlist, and control playback.
  9. Spacemacs has a unique ergonomics and mnemonic key bindings design with verbose packages installations to allow extendability.
  10. Users can press the default " C-x 2 " key binding to open a new window.
  11. There are also various utilities to allow more precise control via user-configurable key bindings, such as xmousekeys and xdotool.
  12. Conkeror has " modes " in which the key bindings, page display or browser behaviour become uri-specific.
  13. I've had this cause me no shortage of confusion in the past when it comes to key bindings going wacky.
  14. "Driftmoon "'s rudimentary set of key bindings can also be changed via the " Options " menu.
  15. Recent developments have enhanced the usability of the software for expert users, with customisable key bindings, extensions, and an extensive scripting interface.
  16. Readline key bindings are taken from the text editor Emacs, but can be customized ( also, emacs mode can be changed to vi mode ).
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