key areas in a sentence

"key areas" in Chinese  
  1. Each company had key areas that accounted for their earnings surprises.
  2. Quality will be one of the key areas of the competition.
  3. The House and Senate Medicare bills differ in other key areas.
  4. Another key area of antitrust concern will be combat aircraft manufacturing.
  5. Twelve years later, girls have fallen behind in key areas.
  6. It's difficult to find key areas in a sentence.
  7. To fix it, two key areas must be addressed urgently.
  8. Campaigns monitored the exit polls and rushed volunteers to key areas.
  9. Here are the differences between the proposals in four key areas:
  10. Here is the status of security changes in several key areas:
  11. Key areas near the debate site also have been cordoned off.
  12. The two men looked at three key areas in their investigation.
  13. Unfortunately we have seen no progress in key areas of democratization.
  14. Williamsport has become a key area in the Marcellus Shale drilling.
  15. Normally, a sonata form exposition has two main key areas.
  16. A small number of plenary talks address key areas of interest.
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