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  1. Hall arranged some of strings, kettledrum, and French horn.
  2. An exceptional intelligence marches to the beat of a kettledrum,
  3. The kettledrum sticks were kept in the kurin with the assigned dovbysh.
  4. Percussion instruments include frame drums, tambourines, and kettledrums.
  5. The consort played on original recorders, supplemented by a guitar and kettledrums.
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  7. Trumpets and kettledrums were frequently added for heroic scenes.
  8. Sunday's Raiders-Chiefs game should have concluded with trumpets and kettledrums.
  9. In May 1660, the Lifeguards had their'unofficial'kettledrums and trumpets.
  10. Two days later Kettledrum reappeared in the Doncaster Cup over two and a half miles.
  11. The song closes with " long, sustained notes " from Allman opposite Trucks'kettledrum.
  12. The reference comparing the tympanum ( kettledrum ) to half a pearl is borrowed from Pliny.
  13. He spent the day feted by horns and kettledrums, signing modest cooperation agreements and making inoffensive speeches.
  14. Kickton studied recorder, violin, viola, cello, double bass, euphonium, guitar and kettledrums.
  15. Bleckner cuts to the beast and pumps up the musical volume _ clanging cymbals, screeching violins and booming kettledrums.
  16. When Agnes the Digger goes to work, the mood is violently, sensationally interrupted by brutal brass and kettledrums.
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