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  1. Her karate lessons stopped, and so did her piano lessons.
  2. In 1976, he founded a karate ministry at 12th Baptist.
  3. Parker, his personal karate instructor and father of American Kenpo.
  4. Stojko earned a black belt in karate when he was 16.
  5. Baseball was my first love, then fishing, and karate,
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  7. Blanks claims he is a seven-time world karate champion.
  8. _He holds a sixth-degree black belt in karate.
  9. -He holds a sixth-degree black belt in karate.
  10. Karate involves training the entire body, not just one part,
  11. Most other karate teachers give prominent display to their tournament trophies.
  12. Sebastian does this with a demonstration of a proficiency in karate.
  13. He gets his karate on in a self-defense class.
  14. He's a second-degree black belt in karate.
  15. She plans to go out more, maybe take karate classes.
  16. CBS at 10 : She dates Lauren's karate teacher.
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