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  1. Oct . Every month begins on the ninth day before the kalends.
  2. The Chronicon Scotorum give his obit as-" Annal CS1024 Kalends.
  3. Stacy Szymaszek : hyper glossia . 79 . Mairead Byrne : Kalends . 78.
  4. On the Feast of Venus on the Kalends.
  5. The " rex " held a sacrifice on the Kalends of each month.
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  7. His obit is given in the Chronicon Scotorum as follows-" Annal CS1119 Kalends.
  8. His obit is given in the Chronicon Scotorum as follows- Annal CS990 Kalends.
  9. The Western date of Christmas was chosen to coincide with the Roman midwinter festival of Kalends.
  10. Nov . " = on the third day before the November Kalends = 30 October.
  11. Each Kalends was sacred to Jupiter.
  12. She was placed [ here ] 15 days before the Kalends of May [ 17 April ].
  13. It is followed for eight days after the solstice with a festival called Kalenda culminating with the Kalends of January.
  14. Columella specifies that sloping ground should be ploughed between the Kalends ( 1st ) and the Ides ( 13th ).
  15. The remaining, unnamed days of the month were identified by counting backwards from the kalends, nones or the ides.
  16. The rite took place on the kalends of October, the month marking the end of the yearly military activity in ancient Rome.
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