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"kala" in Chinese  
  1. Kala Bowers was one point short of double-figure scoring.
  2. Yongyuth calls him-- of the Kala Temple moneky troop.
  3. Kala Namak has been highly praised in India's Ayurveda.
  4. He also has a daughter Sreelakshmi with his third wife Kala.
  5. Campbell was interested in kala azar and was working under Napier.
  6. It's difficult to find kala in a sentence.
  7. The " Kala Mandir " is also located in the fort.
  8. Wolfpak began in 2001 when leader Kala Alexander moved to Pipeline.
  9. In Javanese mythology, Batara Kala is the god of destruction.
  10. He became the principal of Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan in 1922.
  11. He was also the recipient of the Lalith Kala Akademi fellowship.
  12. She performed the puja for the Kala Bhairava for his return.
  13. With a brief fight Shankar kills Kala Shetty and finally Bulla.
  14. He was instrumental in organizing the first  Kala Ullela ".
  15. There is no Kala carving on top of the main gate.
  16. Kala and Karikalan's followers are captured by the army.
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