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"kaftan" meaning  "kaftan" in Chinese  
  1. The kaftan has served as a symbol of royalty in some cultures
  2. They turn the kaftan into a Superman costume of silk.
  3. A kaftan and matching pants is called a kaftan suit.
  4. A kaftan and matching pants is called a kaftan suit.
  5. Senegalese kaftans are formal wear in all West African countries.
  6. It's difficult to find kaftan in a sentence.
  7. Outside, Toberman reports to Kaftan that " It is done ".
  8. A small mechanical cybermat revives and attacks Kaftan, rendering her unconscious.
  9. Victoria grabs Kaftan's pistol and shoots the cybermat.
  10. It is widely used in making the kaftan ( for women ).
  11. In the Maghreb, kaftans are worn by women.
  12. The word kaftan in the Maghreb is commonly used for one piece dress.
  13. The kaftan suit is worn with a kufi cap.
  14. Into the 1970s, Elizabeth Taylor often wore kaftans designed by Thea Porter.
  15. Back in the control room, Kaftan drugs Victoria and reseals the hatch.
  16. The floating squiggles on a child's red kaftan look like jaunty abstractions.
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