just the right size in a sentence

"just the right size" in Chinese  
  1. Yes, it's a hip, vibrant, kooky city that's just the right size.
  2. This is a very lively town, just the right size for me.
  3. But it is just the right size for the two of us.
  4. It was familiar, comfortable, just the right size for a teen-ager.
  5. "For some reason, the'69 Thunderbird was just the right size and sounded great.
  6. It's difficult to find just the right size in a sentence.
  7. Their edges are usually just the right size to unscrew tiny Phillips screws.
  8. It was the right size _ just the right size.
  9. Those in-group forums work, however, only if the groups are just the right size.
  10. The twins are perfect, they are just the right size,
  11. The key to success, researchers say, is concocting particles of just the right size.
  12. They were able to construct just the right size dam for each particular area.
  13. He's a little fellow, which makes Marlon just the right size for his chosen profession.
  14. Too small for the average adult human, it's just the right size for a 12-year-old boy.
  15. Sometimes, the PackBot was just the right size.
  16. The Museum Co . also sells a line of miniature shoes called Just the Right Size.
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