just another species in a sentence

  1. Since mankind is just another species, this applies to us too.
  2. He does think the flies can turn the ants into just another species capable of an occasional troublesome outbreak or two.
  3. In his early poems Benn used his medical experience, often using medical terminology, to portray humanity morbidly as just another species of disease-ridden animal.
  4. The current key concept, which may be dominant for the next generation, is " biodiversity, " in which homo sapiens becomes just another species in a daunting assemblage of life forms.
  5. "If I showed you the DNA sequence and didn't tell you what it was, " said Roos, explaining how similar the parasites'and the green algae's DNA were, " you'd say that's just another species of green algae that we haven't seen before ."
  6. It's difficult to find just another species in a sentence.

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