just another phase in a sentence

"just another phase" in Chinese  
  1. "This is just another phase she's going through, " her mother said.
  2. Now, when I look back, I realize it was just another phase of my life.
  3. The Taliban's rise to power may prove to be just another phase in the country's civil war.
  4. "You've got to understand this is just another phase of my life where I've got to separate myself from the past,"
  5. In Taoism death is seen as just another phase in life, something that must happen and that we must all accept.
  6. It's difficult to find just another phase in a sentence.
  7. "The signing of a peace accord is not necessarily the end of the conflict, it's just another phase, " said Vandy Kanyako.
  8. Without attention to the need for finality and certainty in elections, the election can be transformed from the culmination of election campaigns to just another phase of the candidates'efforts . . ..
  9. For McEwen, who grew up in Topeka, Kan ., with her three sisters, going out with Frost was just another phase of her life at Nebraska, just as breaking up with Phillips had been.
  10. It's just another phase of his harrassment of me and desperation to drive me off, or get me banned from, Wikipedia-- so that he doesn't have to deal with my insistence on credibly sourced NPOV content.
  11. It's just another phase of my life, " said the 29-year-old Bennett, of Chicago, who made the Olympic team only two years after he was released from prison, where he served seven years for armed robbery.

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