just another high in a sentence

  1. It's just another high school.
  2. Still, Joshua designed the Lemon Grass Cafe to be more than just another high-class restaurant.
  3. Were she not so disciplined in her concepts, she might have invented just another high-priced line.
  4. One moment Dunn was just another high school senior, the oldest of Betty Dunn Smothers'six children.
  5. The Kosovo coverage is just another high point in what's been a pretty big week for Salon.
  6. It's difficult to find just another high in a sentence.
  7. If you dismissed this as just another high-school movie, it's time to take another look.
  8. Or will it become just another high-quality cabernet, cast from the same mold as a dozen other wines?
  9. "We like him but he's just another high-priced free agent, " said president / general manager Harry Sinden.
  10. From the outside, the newly opened Aurora apartment house at 57th Street and 10th Avenue in Manhattan appears to be just another high-rise.
  11. Without the song-and-dance production numbers, this Fox pilot would be just another high-school-set comedy-drama ."
  12. Right now, he's content basking in the warmth of the late afternoon sun, just another high school graduate eager to chase his destiny.
  13. Hence, an album from the Detroit rapper isn't just another high-profile release, it's regarded as a kind of cultural event.
  14. The most recent drama productions were Neil Simon's Odd Couple, Rumors, Arsenic and Old Lace, and most recently, Just Another High School Play.
  15. Gretzky wasn't exactly anonymous, but he seemed like just another high-salaried athlete earning his final big paychecks in a big, busy, crowded sports market.
  16. The evil forces of mundanity are going to try to drag " Smallville " down, try to flatten it into just another high school drama-adventure series.
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