just another girl in a sentence

  1. But for him, Butterfly is just another girl at another port.
  2. Hey, just another girl-meets-girl story on prime-time TV.
  3. Hot 100 with the first single, " Not Just Another Girl ", when the song reached number 26 on the chart.
  4. "Just Another Girl " was listed as one of " NME "'s Onrepeat list along with a small review.
  5. Upon release, the title song, " Just Another Girl ", charted in 34 countries on iTunes, topping it in twelve countries.
  6. It's difficult to find just another girl in a sentence.
  7. "Point of view is all I have, and if I take that away I'm just another girl with brown hair _ big deal.
  8. "But then in the end, " he adds, " I turned out to be just another girl out on the runway ."
  9. There is Julie Dash ( ` Daughters of the Dust'), Leslie Harris ( ` Just Another Girl on the I . R . T .').
  10. The album is anchored by gripping vocals and a lyrical honesty; it succeeds because of Ms . Farris's determination to be more than just another girl singer.
  11. *In Wikipedia : Articles for deletion / Lakshmi Tatma, a user argued " " it's just another girl with a parasitic twin " ".
  12. It meant a great deal to me that'Just Another Girl on the I . R . T .'has such a loyal audience and wasn't forgotten.
  13. On October 23, 2015, a fan on Twitter asked Harris " Can we get a sequel to Just Another Girl on the I . R . T . ? " Harris replied " Yes!
  14. Good thing Monica ( " Just Another Girl " ) and Jill Scott ( " One Time " ) are a part of this cast, or it could go straight to rental.
  15. Leslie Harris, the writer, director and producer of " Just Another Girl on the IRT, " a 1993 cult hit that had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, offered a suggestion.
  16. Challenged by Inspector Leo to prove she really is a great dancer and not just another girl-for-hire at the Peony Pavilion bordello, Mei is placed within a semi-circle of mounted drums.
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