jump in a sentence

"jump" meaning  "jump" in Chinese  
  1. Its corporate profits are expected to jump 22 percent this year.
  2. So why did both CBS and QVC stock jump so sharply?
  3. Ms . Schiffer wore the bridal jump suit in the show.
  4. He says the price will jump to at least $ 4.
  5. He can jump an eight-foot fence with three legs.
  6. It's difficult to find jump in a sentence.
  7. No longer allowed defenses to induce offensive linemen to jump offsides.
  8. Their initial Russian jump came as the Iron Curtain was collapsing.
  9. The heat created by the jump suits limited shifts for workers.
  10. Such jumps have also occurred when previous presidents took military action.
  11. This insures that he will jump when he hears the sound.
  12. The ball doesn't jump off his bat ."
  13. Who is going to jump into this moat ? "'
  14. And the Nets were fortunate to even have the jump ball.
  15. I used to jump well, but Alvin seldom did jumps.
  16. I used to jump well, but Alvin seldom did jumps.
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