jump balls in a sentence

"jump balls" in Chinese  
  1. And the Nets were fortunate to even have the jump ball.
  2. I think there should be a jump ball after every basket.
  3. He received his first for arguing about a jump ball call.
  4. LaFrentz also once forced a jump ball, which LaFrentz won.
  5. Players meet at midfield where a jump ball begins the game.
  6. It's difficult to find jump balls in a sentence.
  7. Under the situation, we did not play the jump ball correctly,
  8. And you call a jump ball ? ( end ital)
  9. "It's a jump ball,"
  10. I'd bet on Stevens in a jump ball.
  11. You do have a mismatch on jump balls and balls thrown high.
  12. It was a jump ball and you have to fight for it,
  13. Georgia took over on an alternate-possession jump ball.
  14. He then tied up Vander Laan for another jump ball.
  15. The faceoff is to hockey what the jump ball is to basketball.
  16. You know, try to throw him a jump ball or whatever.
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