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  1. The faceoff is to hockey what the jump ball is to basketball.
  2. Afterward, he can shoot the Jump Ball to activate the Extra Ball.
  3. You do have a mismatch on jump balls and balls thrown high.
  4. It was a jump ball and you have to fight for it,
  5. The second half began with another jump ball between the two competing teams.
  6. It's difficult to find jump ball in a sentence.
  7. A game-winning layup off a jump ball tossed 75 feet away?
  8. They trounced us right from the get-go, from the jump ball.
  9. After that, it's a jump ball for Tribe manager Mike Hargrove.
  10. The Bucks Lindsey Hunter reached in and the referees called a jump ball.
  11. He received his first for arguing about a jump ball call.
  12. However, the Euroleague Company reinstated the jump ball rule in 2013.
  13. Uh, fellas, can we bother you to come out for the jump ball?
  14. The constant jump balls were only one difference from the game we know.
  15. "We've got to learn to start doing that from jump ball.
  16. Under the situation, we did not play the jump ball correctly,
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