jump back in a sentence

"jump back" in Chinese  
  1. Like most Clancy novels, the storylines jump back and forth.
  2. Letters To Cleo is ready to jump back into the game.
  3. Expect your child to jump back and forth between development stages.
  4. After Mandy catches it she jumps back down to the ground.
  5. Jump back 500 edits . . . see if still there.
  6. It's difficult to find jump back in a sentence.
  7. They had to jump back 20 years for new ideas.
  8. She takes one look . . . and jumps back.
  9. Few will be much surprised if ABC jumps back in.
  10. If not, he may jump back in the race.
  11. So is it time for investors to jump back in?
  12. This way I can dip into the traditional, then jump back.
  13. We don life jackets and jump back into the kayaks.
  14. We have to get that energy and that jump back.
  15. A photographer, crouched near the tank, jumps back.
  16. You expect to jump back in and be where you left off.
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