jump aside in a sentence

"jump aside" in Chinese  
  1. On the way back to town Percy throws a snowball at Dunstan, who jumps aside.
  2. The cart creature tweaks his nose hard enough to make him jump aside and yell " Ouch ".
  3. One quarter's performance isn't enough to conclude that Digital turned a corner though, today's stock jump aside, investors and analysts said.
  4. Mondo jumps aside, Santee is still set to provide a few thrills for the fans who come to see the live version of the popular animated movie " Aladdin"
  5. In a final confrontation, Wade and Luke, at the edge of a cliff, bait the car into running straight at them, then jump aside as it goes over the cliff.
  6. It's difficult to find jump aside in a sentence.
  7. Having crossed the last water jump aside Willy Komen of Kenya, Komen sprinted away on the last stretch to take the gold medal in a new championship record of 8 : 14.00 minutes.
  8. She has not competed in the long jump in the 2006 season but her best from 2005 was 6.21, her best jump aside from her PB in 1998 is 6.63 meters, which came in 2003 ( 13 / 7 / 2003 ) in Lapinlahti ( 1.5 m / s wind ).

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