jump around in a sentence

"jump around" in Chinese  
  1. The fires jump around the county like fleas on a dog.
  2. In fact, she thrives on being able to jump around.
  3. Sometimes one will jump around a little bit and go straight.
  4. Realizing it is, he jumps around the room in pain.
  5. As it is it jumps around and it is very confusing.
  6. It's difficult to find jump around in a sentence.
  7. The pictures jump around on the screen like flocks of frightened birds.
  8. Their defense likes to jump around a lot and confuse.
  9. They would jump around him, laughing and kissing him.
  10. The play jumps around in terms of topics and time.
  11. When it is affecting me, my desktop icons also jump around.
  12. Boys have a tendency to jump around a lot more than girls,
  13. Those prices tend to jump around a lot each month.
  14. Then he jumps around like a fish on a line.
  15. Looking at this from afar you can see that it jumps around.
  16. As the automaton processes these characters, the current state jumps around.
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