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  1. He left the long jump area with a huge smile on his face.
  2. At Bridgewater there is a designated general waterskiing area, a slalom and ski jump area.
  3. The high jump area is between the field and track on the north end of Maverick Stadium.
  4. LSU protested, claiming the physicians prevented Bernard from getting to the long jump area in time for the first round.
  5. LSU then protested, claiming the physicians prevented Bernard from getting to the long jump area in time for the first round.
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  7. The long jump and triple jump areas comprise a straight, narrow 40-metre running track with a sandpit at one or both ends.
  8. On the Finn's second throw, his javelin veered off to the left and into the long jump area, where Sdiri was warming up.
  9. The long and triple jump areas run alongside the central 60 m track and are mostly identical in form to their outdoor counterparts.
  10. Still in his baseball uniform and needing to let off some steam, Davis zeroed in on the high jump area and cleared 5-9.
  11. It is enclosed by a 400-meter track equipped with steeplechase and long jump areas as well as an electronic scoreboard and two-story press box.
  12. The new building, with a sports hall, netball courts, two football fields and a triple jump area, was opened by Dame Kelly Holmes in 2006.
  13. In practice, however, the value cannot be reached because there exists a winding jump and layer jump area and the wire insulation is not taken into account.
  14. The stadium, used for soccer, football, track and field events, includes an 8 lane track, a high jump pit, a pole vault pit, and a long jump area.
  15. Not only was the track resurfaced, but the high jump area was expanded, two new sand pits for the horizontal jumps were installed and a new drainage system was also added.
  16. The complex comprises a stadium-a grass pitch ( 105 x 68 m ) surrounded by an 8-lane athletic track and a long jump area, a 900-seated indoor stadium, a hockey centre, a practicing track and several tennis courts.
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