jump and run in a sentence

  1. The game was a basic jump and run platform-type game.
  2. Over the years, Merce has had me jump and run a lot.
  3. His bad mood is compounded when Furioso refuses to jump and runs off the field.
  4. "He likes to fight and jump and run, and that's great.
  5. Then, she says, they jump and run around yelling, " Get your life jackets on.
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  7. Among their assortment are adventure games, board games, strategic games as well as shoot磂m up games and jump and runs.
  8. Soon, he could jump and run _ and he didn't care whether it was because of sham surgery or the real thing.
  9. To move, the player uses the control pad, while the " A " and " B " buttons are used to jump and run.
  10. Think of the way young children tumble, jump and run _ especially run _ until they drop, only to bounce up seconds later to do it all over.
  11. Antyllus indicates that at first the player should roll the hoop maintaining an upright posture, but after warming up he can begin to jump and run through the hoop.
  12. Chip . de listed in July 2016 Teeworlds as most downloaded Jump and Run game per week from their site ( 1900 downloads ), accumulating 700, 000 downloads.
  13. You want him to have what he sees as preferable, but part of what he sees as preferable is for us to jump and run to him whenever he calls.
  14. Riley, was mainly activated for special teams duty, he also possesses a 40-inch vertical jump and runs the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds.
  15. As I watched the rabbits at their game of jump and run, I could hear happy squeals from the yard of the neighbors next door, whose children still are small.
  16. By guiding your dog through a course where he or she has to balance, climb, jump and run through tunnels, you'll get exercise and develop your handling skills.
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