jump all over in a sentence

"jump all over" in Chinese  
  1. So if the ball jumps all over, laugh at it.
  2. People are out there waiting to jump all over us,
  3. Nobody would jump all over Webber if he took a timeout now.
  4. And the press and the media jump all over this.
  5. Wow, guys, don't jump all over the guy.
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  7. And now you are telling me not to jump all over people!
  8. Then, Barkley was the first to jump all over Mobley congratulating him.
  9. This has caused fires to jump all over the area, requiring evacuations.
  10. As a result, fires jump all over the area, necessitating evacuations.
  11. When I really enjoy the match, I start to jump all over.
  12. If your level drops even a shade, she jumps all over you.
  13. When you are expected to win but fail, they jump all over you.
  14. You make an out at the ballpark and some guy jumps all over you.
  15. I was happy to see him jump all over " Slime Warner ."
  16. But during fast-forward or rewind, tape heads jump all over the tape.
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