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  1. This is equivalent, but arguably less safe, since it stores program specific information like jump addresses and stack frames in a programmer accessible structure.
  2. The 7070 was not designed to be instruction set compatible with the 650, as the latter had a second, jump address in every instruction to allow optimal use of the drum, something unnecessary and wasteful in a computer with random access core memory.
  3. The MIPS design uses 6 bits of the 32-bit word for the basic opcode; the rest may contain a single 26-bit jump address or it may have up to four 5-bit fields specifying up to three registers plus a shift value combined with another 6-bits of opcode; another format, among several, specifies two registers combined with a 16-bit immediate value, etc . This allowed the CPU to load up the instruction and the data it needed in a single cycle, whereas an ( older ) non-RISC design, such as the MOS Technology 6502 for instance, required separate cycles to load the opcode and the data.
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