jump about in a sentence

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  1. Her coach, Trevor Graham, expects her to jump about 23 feet.
  2. Iggy Pop of course jumps about the stage as if connected to an electrical current.
  3. If he could jump about 50 feet in the air, he would have caught it.
  4. Kipketer accomplished his victory after nearly falling while clearing the water jump about halfway through the race.
  5. The move quickly caused prices to jump about $ 5 a barrel to the $ 30 range.
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  7. His doctor reportedly has said Pedroso should be able to jump about 27-10 by the Games.
  8. Some zooplankton can jump about a bit to avoid predators, but they can't really swim.
  9. Prices are expected to jump about 7 cents, putting the average at about a $ 1.27.
  10. On race weekends, Svacina said Fort Worth sales tax and hotel room tax collections jump about 10 percent.
  11. His salary would jump about 10 percent each year, reaching about $ 6.8 million in 2007.
  12. Guinness sales jump about 70 percent in the U . S . during the month of March, Lynch said.
  13. There are museums that jump about every which way in hopes of giving a new spin to their exhibitions programs.
  14. The dynamics and register also freely and abruptly jump about, contributing further to the skittish nature of this movement.
  15. Berman and others said they had to jump about 10 feet down from the jet's wing onto the tarmac.
  16. Peregrine Securities estimates the benchmark Mumbai Sensitive Index will jump about 20 percent between now and the end of the year.
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